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Life Science Zurich Communication & Events

  • Famelab Final 2023

Our activities and tasks

Life Science Zurich was founded in the fall of 2001 as a joint unit of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich. The main goal at the beginning was a stronger internal and external communication about life science topics. Today, this task is taken care of by LSZ Communication & Events. One of our most important tasks is the organization of events for the interested public. More information about all Life Science Zurich units can be found here.

We inform the public about modern life science research and at the same time promote dialogue with the public. This is done through a variety of activities such as exhibitions, science slams, discussion forums, lectures, competitions and much more! Some of these events, such as BrainFair, FameLab the «Zukunftstag» and the Café Scientifique take place regulaly, others are one-time activities.  Current events of Life Science Zurich can be found here.

Since 2004, the Communication & Events team has realized several exhibitions: «Der gespiegelte Mensch», «Life Science Art», «Der Baum des Lebens», an exhibition for during Darwin anniversary year, «Mumien: Mensch, Medizin, Magie» and the two special exhibitions at the Zoological Museum UZH «Keine Panik!» and «Das Krokodil im Baum».

LSZ Communication & Events also organizes conferences. For example, the «Prion Diseases» symposium was held in the fall of 2007. The USGEB meeting in 2011 and the LS2 meeting in 2013 were also organized by  LSZ Communication & Events.

Annual activities

    •    BrainFair since 2009
    •    FameLab since 2012
    •    Science Talks since Zurich Film Festival seit 2016
    •    Café Scientifiique since 2018
    •    Nationaler Zukunftstag since Irchel seit 2010

New offers (seit 2023)
    •    «Forscher*innen teilen Wissen»
    •    «Einblicke in die Forschung mit Tieren»


In Zurich, a lot is happening in life science research at the University of Zurich and ETH ZUrich. If you whish nt to form your own opinion or make an informed decision in the next vote, you need to be sufficiently informed. In the news section, Life Science Zurich provides information about life science research in Zurich. Find out on our news page which important life science research results are achieved, follow the development of future-oriented research disciplines, and get to know researchers.