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How can we fight blood cancer more effectively?

Despite approved treatments being available, multiple myeloma remains incurable. But researchers at ETH Zurich and University Hospital Zurich set out to improve treatment outcomes by testing hundreds of existing therapeutics outside the body to predict their effectiveness.

Bone-​marrow cells of a multiple myeloma patient. Red cells are healthy monocytes, green and yellow are plasma cells. (Image: Berend Snijder Lab / ETH Zurich)


  • Multiple myeloma is an incurable form of blood cancer. Over time, the cancer cells become resistant to the currently prescribed drugs.
  • Using the fully automated pharmacoscopy platform, ETH Zurich researchers are testing hundreds of drugs and combinations of drugs on bone marrow biopsies in a high-​throughput process.
  • These tests show which treatment options combined with existing therapeutics would be possible for specific patients.

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