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Artificial intelligence finds ways to develop new drugs

A new AI model developed by chemists at ETH Zurich can not only predict where a pharmaceutically active molecule can be chemically modified, but also how best to do it. This makes it possible to identify new pharmaceutical ingredients more quickly and improve existing ones in a targeted manner.

Artificial intelligence is helping in the search for active ingredients for tomorrow's medicines. Image: AI generated with Midjourney (Visualisation: ETH Zurich)

In brief

  • To date, identifying and producing new active pharmaceutical ingredients has been a complex process of trial and error. Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed an AI model that helps to identify suitable molecular sites for the development of new active ingredients.
  • The chemists tested the process using borylation – a reaction that activates hydrocarbon scaffolds.
  • This AI method can accelerate the development of new active pharmaceutical ingredients and the optimisation of existing ones.

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