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Bear-human coexistence rethought

The media uproar over wolf attacks on livestock in Switzerland and a bear attack in Italy show how charged the issue of large carnivores and humans coexisting in Europe is. ETH Zurich researcher Paula Mayer has now created a participatory model to help facilitate human-​bear coexistence using the example of the Apennine brown bear.

A man observes a bear: both use the same habitat, but with a different view of resources. (Photograph: Paula Mayer)

In brief

  • An ETH Zurich researcher is creating the first model to plot on a map the coexistence of humans and bears in a national park in Italy.
  • Designed as a tool to be used in practice, the model identifies measures and areas that are priorities for promoting human-​bear coexistence.
  • The model is being applied to the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise national parks, but can also be used for other regions and large carnivores.

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