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News 2016

News list

  • New weapon against diabetes

    Researchers have used the simplest approach yet to produce artificial beta cells from human kidney cells.

  • Starch from yeast

    Researchers at ETH Zurich have produced starch in yeast - the first time this has been achieved in a non-plant organism. ETH-News.

  • Proteome of an entire family

    Based on comprehensive protein data on mice, researchers at ETH Zurich and EPFL have gained new insights into the mechanism of metabolic disorders.

  • Why fruit fly sperm are giant

    An international team of researchers lead by the University of Zurich provides the first conclusive explanation for the evolution of giant fruit fly sperm.

  • Attack on chemotherapy-resistant leukemia cells

    Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the most common type of childhood cancer in Switzerland.