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Life Science Zurich Communication & Events

Past Exhibitions

To enable the interested public to learn more about life science research in an interactive way, Life Science Zurich regularly organizes exhibitions.


36 artists of the Gleis 70 cooperative  contributed to this exhibition dealing with environmental issues. Life Science Zurich  supported the exhibit which showed installations, photographs, paintings, sculptures, performances, films and conceptual ideas. The exibition took place at Gleis 70, Hermetschloostrasse 70, Zürich Altstetten in June 2021. More

«Das Krokodil im Baum»

Wimmelbild © Frank Brüderli

The special exhibition «The Crocodile in the Tree» of the Zoological Museum Zurich was developed in collaboration with Life Science Zurich. It showed evolutionary phenomena based on the crocodile and its ancestors: How and why did certain armored lizards become extinct more than 200 million years ago? How did other ancestors of the crocodile manage to adapt and survive? These and other questions were addressed in autumn 2015.More.

«Stammzellen - Ursprung des Lebens»

The special exhibition «Stem Cells - Origin of Life» explained what stem cells are, how they constantly renew us humans, but also animals and plants, or heal us after injuries, and how they are used in hospitals today. The exhibition was a project of the National Research Program NRP 63 on «Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine.» From March to June 2015, the exhibition was hosted by the Zoological Museum of the UZH. During this time, Life Science Zurich was responsible for the guided tours in the exhibition. More

«Keine Panik! Tierisch Angst im Gehirn»

 Ausstellungseingang © Olivier Zimmermann
Ausstellungseingang © Olivier Zimmermann

The  exhibition «Don't Panic!», initiated by the University of Geneva, has tried to answer the following questions: What is fear useful for anyway? Do animals also have fear? How does fear arise and disappear? What role does the brain play in this process and why can anxiety disorders occur? Life Science Zurich presented the exhibition in the Zoological Museum of the UZH from fall 2014. More

«Mumien: Mensch, Medizin, Magie»

With the exhibition «Mummies: Man, Medicine, Magic» the University of Zurich presented evolutionary medical research to the public for the first time starting in fall 2011. Some of the research results shown came from the interdisciplinary department «Evolutionary Medicine» at the Anatomical Institute of the University of Zurich. Life Science Zurich was in charge of the project. More


«Der Baum des Lebens»

Researchers in Zurich illustrated the evolution with the exhibition «Tree of Life», which was on display in the hall of Zurich main train station  in September 2009. More

Life Science Art

As part of the University of Zurich's 175th anniversary celebrations, the Bahnhofshalle Zurich was transformed into an art gallery in April 2008: «Life Science Art». With an exhibition of scientific images, Life Science Zurich fascinated the public with the aesthetics in research. More

«Der gespiegelte Mensch - in den Genen lesen»

Science has recognized how amazingly similar humans, animals, plants and microorganisms are: They often possess the same genes. In 2004, the exhibition «The mirrored human being - reading in the genes» attempted to show how the astonishing findings of modern biology have changed the way we look at human beings. More

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