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A Smartwatch App to Tackle Long Covid

A treatment for people suffering from Long Covid is yet to materialize. The only approach that has proven to be effective is for patients to manage their symptoms. Researchers at UZH have developed an innovative smartwatch application and app that help patients do this. The researchers have now been awarded this year’s UZH Postdoc Team Award.

photo of two researchers
The two winners of the Postdoc Team Award and developers of MindfulPacer: Carlo Cervia-Hasler and André Meyer-Baron (Image: Nathalie Huber)

André Meyer-Baron and Carlo Cervia-Hasler met about a year ago at a networking event organized by the Digitalization Initiative of the Zurich Higher Education Institutions (DIZH). As they spoke, they quickly realized that their scientific backgrounds and interests were an ideal match.

André Meyer-Baron’s research at the Department of Informatics focuses on approaches to improve the productivity of knowledge workers. Among other things, he has developed a digital platform that helps teams find a better balance between focused work and teamwork. Carlo Cervia-Hasler from the Department of Immunology at the University Hospital Zurich, meanwhile, conducts research on biomarkers that can detect Long Covid in the blood. The trained physician and scientist has developed a score that can be used to assess a patient’s individual risk of developing Long Covid.

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