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The Operating Room of the Future

The innovative OR-X at the Balgrist University Hospital is an exact copy of an operating room. Here, surgeons can train their skills and team up with researchers to develop computer-assisted surgical methods. This speeds up the translation of state-of-the-art surgical innovations into clinical practice and benefits patients.

Further training course in the OR-X: Junior doctors insert a knee prosthesis on an artificial bone model. (Image: Nathalie Huber)

Surgery is a practical skill, and surgeons are made, not born. To practice their surgical skills on this fall evening, a group of around 10 resident physicians enters the Operating Room X, OR-X. This brand-new surgical research and teaching center at Balgrist University Hospital combines a fully equipped operating room with a surgical training facility, or Skills Lab, that features up to six surgical workstations. This is where the group of medics practices how to insert an artificial knee joint, or prosthesis, as part of a further training course.

After being briefed by the senior physician, the resident physicians make their way to the various workstations. Using real surgical instruments, they go to work and practice attaching the prosthetic knee to the tibia and the femur.

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