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Protein shapes indicate Parkinson’s disease

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To date, Parkinson's disease can only be detected when it becomes apparent through symptoms. (Photograph: Keystone / Science Photo Library)

ETH Zurich researchers have found that a set of proteins have different shapes in the spinal fluid of healthy individuals and Parkinson’s patients. These could be used in the future as a new type of biomarker for this disease. 

Many human diseases can be detected and diagnosed using biomarkers in blood or other body fluids. Parkinson’s disease is different: to date, there is no such biomarker being used in the clinicto indicate this neurodegenerative disease.

A team led by ETH Zurich Professor Paola Picotti could now help to close this gap. In a study just published in the journal Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, the researchers present 76 proteins that might serve as biomarkers for the detection of Parkinson’s disease.

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