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“We have created a stable active ingredient”

Portrait Plückthun
"I’m thrilled that our basic research is showing what it is capable of," says Andreas Plückthun. (Image: Ursula Meisser)

Molecular Partners, a spin-off from the University of Zurich, has developed a drug against Covid-19 and is applying for approval, together with Novartis, in Switzerland and the US. Phase 2 clinical trials have already demonstrated efficacy in Covid patients.

The new drug Ensovibep is particularly effective for acute, outpatient Covid-19 cases, reducing the risk of hospitalization or emergency room visits and death by 80 percent, according to the manufacturers. In addition, recovery was faster and better compared to the placebo group. Although phase 3 clinical trials are still pending, the researchers believe the chances of success are high. Novartis has already announced its intention to acquire the license for Ensovibep from Molecular Partners for 150 million Swiss francs. Novartis would then lead the late-stage development and commercialization.