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Embracing the Wilderness

“We have to give nature more room again,” says Florian Altermatt. (Picture: Frank Brüderli)

Ecologist Florian Altermatt has presided over the Swiss Biodiversity Forum since the beginning of the year. He’s committed to researching biodiversity and facilitating the cooperation of scientists and policy-makers. “We have to give nature more room again,” says Altermatt. Of course it’s not feasible to declare half of the country a nature reserve, but more spaces are needed where biodiversity can be left to develop as undisturbed as possible. “We need the courage to embrace wilderness,” says Altermatt.

Altermatt is the ideal intermediary between science and society. He has an excellent reputation as a researcher, with a number of groundbreaking studies under his belt. But he’s also gained valuable experience in cooperating with stakeholders from administration, politics and society during his career, and he loves carrying out research in the field.

The Swiss Biodiversity Forum supports biodiversity research and facilitates cooperation between scientists and policy-makers in academia, politics, administration and society.

“A high level of biodiversity is crucial for ecosystems to function as well as for our well-being,” says Altermatt. “It’s imperative that we maintain biodiversity and reduce species loss.”

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