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Detailed tumour profiling

Image Tumour
Tumours contain many different cell types. In the foreground is an immune cell and behind it a cancer cell in red. (Visualization: Shutterstock)

As part of a clinical study involving patients from the University Hospitals in Zurich and Basel, researchers are conducting a thorough and highly precise investigation into the molecular and functional properties of tumours. Their goal is to help physicians to better determine which treatment will best match every patient’s cancer and thus be most effective.

“We want the Tumor Profiler study to show that the widespread use of advanced profiling methods in oncology is not only possible but offers specific clinical benefits,” says Viola Heinzelmann, Head of Gynecological Oncology at the University Hospital Basel, and a senior author of the study. This is why the study also focuses on whether and how molecular analyses may have influenced a physicians’ treatment decisions.

In the long-​term, the Tumor Profiler approach aims to expand treatment options for patients in terms of personalised medicine. This involves addressing the question of whether certain patients would benefit from medications that do not belong to the standard range of oncological treatments but are approved for other types of cancer.

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