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Fixing Hearts, Saving Lives

A next-generation heart valve that acts as a scaffold for the body’s own cells. (Image: Ursula Meisser)

Artificial heart valves save many lives. But the problem is that a prosthesis is never as robust as the real thing. This is why UZH Professor Maximilian Emmert wants to get the human body to rebuild the damaged valves itself.

Maximilian Emmert is excited.  Cardiology is currently undergoing radical change, and he is playing an active part in shaping it. While the latest developments in the field may sound like the stuff of science fiction – from cardiac surgery without cutting open the chest to human cells that transform an artificial prosthesis into a native-like heart valve – the former is already a reality and the latter could soon be, too. Professor Emmert is currently working on this at the University of Zurich’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine. 

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