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Life Science Zurich Communication & Events

Personalised medicine

Personalised medicine is widely acclaimed as the next big frontier in health. It has already attracted enormous academic attention and substantial public and private  investment. Personalised medicine promises a better diseases prediction and prevented, improved diagnostic and care options tailored to the individual patient, and more cost-effective health care. However, with the great promise of revolutionizing our health and health care, personalised medicine also generates important challenges to our societal and moral norms.

To highlight and dicuss these challenges Life Science Zurich in collaboration with Effy Vayena from the Institute of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention at the UZH organised a series of events in the autumn semester 2013. Most of the talks have been published in the book "Personalisierte Medizin: Hoffnung oder Leeres Versprechen?" (only in German). The book can be ordered online.

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