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«Ally Science» - allergy research with an App


People suffering from pollen allergy enter their symptoms into their Smartphone App. The data is then forwarded in an anonymised format to allergy researchers. Simply speaking, this is the way the research platform «Ally Science» works. When the pollen season 2019 starts pollen allergy sufferers are again asked to help collect data via their Smartphones. New findings in the allergy research field depend on how many citizens take part in the project. Thus, the research teams are keenly interested in having so many participants as possible sending them their observations.


The project partners of the «Ally Science» platform are the Department of Dermatology of the University Hospital Zurich, Bern University of Applied Sciences, MIDATA cooperation, Dyson SA and ELCA Informatik AG.


Dowload the «AllyScience Smartphone App» here.



Wo Samen Fallen / Where Seeds Fall

Planze in Stadt

The citizen science initiative is part of a transdiciplinary project of the Plant Science Centers at ETH Zürich und the HSR Rapperswil. It aims to document how plants grow spontaneously in the city. The project  "Maintaining Plant Biodiversity in Cities" assess fragmentation effects on the species, functional and genetic diversity of wild flower patches, and, more specifically, on the population viability, evolutionary potential and connectivity of selected model species.

Are you curious about which seeds might be ending up in your garden or on your balcony? Do you live in Zurich or Aarau? Then particpate in the project and contribute to research on urban biodiversity.  The aim is to document which plants grow spontaneously in the city and to assess how this is affected by the quality of the surrounding areas.

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