BrainFair 2021

The next BrainFair will take place 15 - 18 March 2021. All events will be available online, starting 6.30 pm.


BrainFair 2021 deals with the effects of the pandemic on our brain. Some of the biological and psychological reactions to Covid-19 will be the focus of this year's talks. And what consequences does the progressively advancing digitalization have on us?

Find out more about the program here.


The BrainFair 2020 events were cancelled due to the Corona-19 pandemic.

During the Brain Awareness Week, in Zurich known as BrainFair, neuroscientists and other brain experts inform the broad public about progress and benefit of modern brain research. Each year in the third week of March, the Neuroscience Center Zurich and Life Science Zurich organise panel discussions, talks and demos for everyone interested in the brain. Learn more about this fascinating organ or register your class for a special talk or tour for schools.


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