FameLab 2018


Care to share your passion for science with the public?

Come and join FameLab 2018, the international competition for science communication and become the new face of science in Switzerland. Amaze audience & jury with an original 3-minute talk on a scientific subject of your choice. The competition is open to all young scientists and engineers.

You can find more information about FamLab here.

The FameLab events for 2018 have been planned as follows:

  • one semi-final in Basel, 12 April, 7:00 pm
  • one semi-final in Lausanne, 12 April, 7:00 pm
  • Master class at CERN in Geneva, 21 and 22 April
  • Swiss final in Bern, 17 May, 7.00 pm
  • International competition in Cheltenham 5-10 June, Cheltenham Science Festival

Register for FameLab Switzerland 2018 here. Please check your eligibility and the detailed rules before registration.

Any questions? Contact FameLab Switzerland on info@lifescience.uzh.ch